Mallafré Oli Awards

The flavours of Mallafré Oils are known the world over.

Acknowledgement from the Consell Català de la Producció Agrària Ecològica (Catalan Council of Organic Production)

Our organic oils have received acknowledgement from the Catalan Council of Organic Production, which ensures Mallafré oils follow the established standards in organic agriculture.

Great Taste Awards 2011

Highly prestigious international contest acknowledging the high quality of food products.

Terraolivo 2010, Terraolivo 2011

The most important tasting in Eastern Mediterranean and Asia areas on the quality of extra virgin olive oil

World Edible Oil Fair Paris 2004/2005

International competition ‘The World's Edible Oils’ aimed at vegetable oil producers, promoted by the Agency for the Valorisation of Agricultural Products.

Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 2011

The highest standard of competition in extra virgin olive oils in the United States and the fifth most important competition in the world.


Gold Medal - Mezquita Awards 2021

8th Iberian Competition of A.O.V.E. Spain - Portugal. Organic olive oil limited edition.


Silver Medal - Mezquita Awards 2021

9th Iberian Competition of A.O.V.E. Spain - Portugal. Organic olive oil.

EcoTrama OR 2022

EcoTrama GOLD 2022

International Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Contest.