1. Legal notice


According to article 10 of Law 34/2002, 11th July, “Society Services of Information and Electronic Commerce (LSSI)”, we inform you of the following information.

JOSEP Mª MALLAFRÉ ROVIRA, [hereafter MALLAFRÉ], is the owner of the web page mallafre.com, and will act exclusively as the manager of the contents of the present Web, addressed at: AVDA. MONTBRIÓ, 21 - 43330 RIUDOMS, NIF 39879385F, is responsible for the management and functioning of the Web previously mentioned.

If you would like to contact us, you can do so by post at the previously mentioned address, or bye-mail at: mallafre@mallafre.com


This Legal Notice regulates the use of this web page. Access on the web is free except for the cost of the connection through the telecommunications network provided by the access provider hired by users.


If you use the web you are considered a user, and this implies full acceptance without any reservation of every and each point in this Legal Notice, published by MALLAFRÉ, from the moment the user accesses the web. In consequence, the user must read carefully the present Legal Notice every time he or she wishes to use the web, as these may be modified.


MALLAFRÉ is only responsible for its own web and any access to webs by links or any information offered by third parties is not the responsibility of MALLAFRÉ.

Any use of links or access to a web not owned by MALLAFRÉ is at the users responsibility and MALLAFRÉ does not recommend nor guarantee any information obtained by a link through a third party which comes from a web that is not from mallafre.com, neither is it responsible for any loss, claims or damages derived from the use or bad use of a link or the information obtained through it, including other links or webs, interruption of service or in the access, or trying to use or the incorrect use of a link, even if the connection is via the Web mallafre.com or by accessing the information by other webs from the same Web page.


The information and the services included or availability by the Web could include errors or spelling mistakes. Periodically changes in the contents will be made. MALLAFRÉ can introduce improvements and or changes in its service or contents at any time.

We would like to inform you that the contents on this Web, are designed to inform, keep in contact with you, send information about our services, and are in accordance with what is envisaged in the present Legal Notice and the rest of legal text on this present Web Page.


MALLAFRÉ is not responsible if there are interruptions or if the services and contents offered on the internet do not work adequately, regardless of the cause.

Likewise, MALLAFRÉ is not responsible for, the internet going down, loss of business due to these failures and temporary electricity power cuts or any other types of cuts.

MALLAFRÉ does not declare nor guarantee that the services or contents will not be interrupted or free of errors, and that they will be repaired, or that the service or the provider will be free of viruses or any other damaging component, whilst MALLAFRÉ, will do its utmost to avoid these types of incidences. If the user takes some decisions or carries out actions based on information included on any “websites”, it is recommendable to check the information by consulting other sources.


The structure, design and way of presenting the elements (graphs, images, files, logotypes, colour combinations and any element susceptible to protection) are protected by intellectual property laws, owned by MALLAFRÉ.

It is prohibited to reproduce, transform, distribute, communicate in public, make publicly available and in generally exploit in any form partially or totally the elements referred to in the previous section. These acts of exploitation can only be carried out if authorized by MALLAFRÉ, and if this were to be the case, there must be explicit reference to the fact that MALLAFRÉ is the intellectual owner of the material.

Only documental material produced by MALLAFRÉ is authorized for private use, and in no case, can the material be deleted, changed, eluded or any of the security systems installed be manipulated.

It is forbidden to link to the final pages, the frame and any other similar manipulation. The links must always be to the principle page or homepage mallafre.com

Distinctive signs (brands, commercial names) belonging to MALLAFRÉ, are protected by industrial property rights and the use or manipulation of them is forbidden except if there is written authorization by MALLAFRÉ.


Security is a priority and therefore we make the maximum effort to assure that our process in terms of transactions is secure and in order to keep your personal information safe.


MALLAFRÉ will never send you an e-mail and neither call you by telephone to ask you for your password or to verify your password belonging to your account and likewise will never ask for your bank account number or credit card and neither any other personal information. If anybody should contact you or send you and e-mail that you have not asked for, you should never give them any of your personal data previously mentioned. Also you should never respond and communicate to the appropriate authorities in order to proceed with investigating the incident.


Ignore all e-mails in which they demand personal information or ones which redirect you to another web page that does not belong to or any societies belonging to the group or in which they ask you to pay via a means which has not being authorized by MALLAFRÉ, as this could be an attempt at identity theft (“spoofing or phishing”) and must be considered as fraudulent.

MALLAFRÉ uses the “mallafre.com” domain for all its e-mails. If you receive an e-mail in a different format, for example: mallafre.security@hotmail.com, you can be assured that it is a false mail.

Some e-mails that use phishing contain links to a web page that uses the word “MALLAFRÉ” at their URL, but they will direct you to a web page that is completely different. If you drag your mouse over the link, you will be able to see the associated URL, which will probably have a different format to the correct web pages authorized by MALLAFRÉ.

Even if you click an e-mail that uses phishing and are redirected to a page that resembles “your account” or to any page that asks you to verify or modify your personal information, ignore it and consider it as fraudulent.


Send an e-mail to mallafre@mallafre.com and attach any e-mail that you consider to be false. By attaching these e-mails, you will be helping to locate their origin.

If you cannot attach the false mail, forward it to mallafre@mallafre.comand include as much information as possible about it.


The purchaser of products on this site, the existence of a platform for resolving disputes are reported online.

In accordance with Article 14.1 of Regulation (EU) 524/2013:

The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution which is available at the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

Consumers can submit their claims through the platform online dispute resolution.

2. Privacy Policy


According to the data protection act of General Regulation (UE) 2016/679 on data protection and Organic Law 3/2018 on data protection and digital rights guarantees, we inform you that personal data given via the forms, and likewise your e-mail address have been included in our file titled JOSEP Mª MALLAFRÉ ROVIRA [hereafter, MALLAFRÉ], at the business address of: AVDA. MONTBRIÓ, 21 - 43330 RIUDOMS, NIF 39879385F, is responsible for the management and functioning of the Web previously mentioned.

E-mail mallafre@mallafre.com, with the objective of attending your consultations and sending you information related to the services offered by MALLAFRÉ.

We inform you that the data could be used to send you commercial communications, in any format, and this could be related to any other services offered by our business which might be of interest to you. If you should at any time oppose this type of communications, please send us an e-mail address to mallafre@mallafre.comindicating the subject as “UNSUBSCRIBE FROM THE DISTRIBUTION LIST”.

Likewise, you can exercise the right to access, rectify, suppression, opposition, portability and limitation, according to the terms established by REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 by presenting or sending an application in writing to: AVDA. MONTBRIÓ, 21 - 43330 RIUDOMS, or by e-mail to: dpd@mallafre.comand with a photocopy of your ID or similar documentation indicating the subject as “DATA PROTECTION”.


MALLAFRÉis especially sensitive to protecting the personal data of our users which has been obtained through the services offered on our Web. The present privacy policy informs all the users of mallafre.com, how the personal data collected from the through the additional information, in order that they decide, freely and voluntarily, if they wish to provide the requested information.


Finally it is reported that MALLAFRÉ, has adopted in the information system the appropriate technical and organizational measures, in order to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the stored data, thus avoiding its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access; taking into account the state of the art, the costs of application, and the nature, scope, context and purposes of the treatment, as well as risks of probability and variable severity associated with each of the treatments.


The person interested in the personal data may exercise his / her rights, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and Organic Law 3/2018 on the Protection of personal data and guarantees of digital rights, which are:

A. - The right to access is to be exercised annually, except if the party interested shows legitimate accreditation. When exercising the right of access, the interested party can opt for the following systems in order to consult the file treatment:

- sending an email to: dpd@mallafre.com
- Writing a letter addressed to:MALLAFRÉ, AVDA. MONTBRIÓ, 21 - 43330 RIUDOMS

MALLAFRÉwill proceed to notify its decisions within a timeframe of a month. If it were to be accepted, the interested party would be able to access the previously mentioned information within 10 days after its notification.

B. - The right of rectification and suppression can be exercised, conforming to the following previsions, whenever the interested party considers that the data collected in our files is inexact, incomplete, inadequate or excessive. If this is the case, you can exercise these rights via one of the means previously anticipated.
MALLAFRÉ will proceed with the rectification or cancellation within 10 days of receiving the application.

C. - The right of opposition may be exercised, in accordance with the following provisions, provided that the interested party wishes to oppose the processing of their personal data, whether or not the data is lawfully treated as being of legitimate interest or relative consent for advertising purposes.

D. - The right of portability they may be exercised, in accordance with the following provisions, provided that the interested party considers that the data collected in our treatments must be returned to the data holder or to another third party (Treatment Manager).

E. - The right of limitation of treatment may be exercised, prior to opposition right for the treatment of their data, and that until the Opposition Law is not resolved, the treatment of them will be limited.


MALLAFRÉreserves the right to modify the present policy with the objective of adapting it to the legislative or precedents changes. Such changes will be communicated within the necessary time on our Web page, and it can ask the affected parties for their consent if it is believed that it does not have the consent according to the present policy.

If you should have any doubt, question or comments referring to the present regulations, please do not hesitate to ask about them by sending a communication to: mallafre@mallafre.com

3. Cookies Policy

1. Introducción

Nuestra web, https://egaraformacio.publitesa.es/es/ (en adelante: «la web») utiliza cookies y otras tecnologías relacionadas (para mayor comodidad, todas las tecnologías se denominan «cookies»). Las cookies también son colocadas por terceros a los que hemos contratado. En el siguiente documento te informamos sobre el uso de cookies en nuestra web.

2. ¿Qué son las cookies?

Una cookie es un pequeño archivo que se envía junto con las páginas de esta web y que tu navegador almacena en el disco duro de su ordenador u otro dispositivo. La información almacenada puede ser devuelta a nuestros servidores o a los servidores de terceros apropiados durante una visita posterior.

3. ¿Qué son los scripts?

Un script es un fragmento de código de programa que se utiliza para hacer que nuestra web funcione correctamente y de forma interactiva. Este código se ejecuta en nuestro servidor o en tu dispositivo.

4. ¿Qué es una web beacon?

Una web beacon (o una etiqueta de píxel) es una pequeña e invisible pieza de texto o imagen en una web que se utiliza para monitorear el tráfico en una web. Para ello, se almacenan varios datos sobre usted mediante estas web beacons.

5. Cookies

5.1 Cookies técnicas o funcionales

Algunas cookies aseguran que ciertas partes de la web funcionen correctamente y que tus preferencias de usuario sigan recordándose. Al colocar cookies funcionales, te facilitamos la visita a nuestra web. De esta manera, no necesitas introducir repetidamente la misma información cuando visitas nuestra web y, por ejemplo, los artículos permanecen en tu cesta de la compra hasta que hayas pagado. Podemos colocar estas cookies sin tu consentimiento.

5.2 Cookies de estadísticas

Utilizamos cookies estadísticas para optimizar la experiencia de la web para nuestros usuarios. Con estas cookies estadísticas obtenemos información sobre el uso de nuestra web. Te pedimos tu permiso para colocar cookies de estadísticas.

5.3 Cookies de marketing/seguimiento

Las cookies de marketing/seguimiento son cookies, o cualquier otra forma de almacenamiento local, usadas para crear perfiles de usuario para mostrar publicidad o para hacer el seguimiento del usuario en esta web o en varias webs con fines de marketing similares.

6. Cookies usadas

Consulta las cookies colocadas en este sitio web haciendo click aquí.

7. Consentimiento

Cuando visites nuestra web por primera vez, te mostraremos una ventana emergente con una explicación sobre las cookies. Tan pronto como hagas clic en «Desa les preferències», aceptas que usemos las categorías de cookies y plugins que has seleccionado en la ventana emergente, tal y como se describe en esta política de cookies. Puedes desactivar el uso de cookies a través de tu navegador, pero, por favor, ten en cuenta que nuestra web puede dejar de funcionar correctamente.

7.1 Gestiona tus ajustes de consentimiento

Consulta, acepta, configura o rechaza el uso de las cookies haciendo click aquí.

8. Activación/desactivación y borrado de cookies

Puedes utilizar tu navegador de Internet para eliminar las cookies de forma automática o manual. También puedes especificar que ciertas cookies no pueden ser colocadas. Otra opción es cambiar los ajustes de tu navegador de Internet para que recibas un mensaje cada vez que se coloca una cookie. Para obtener más información sobre estas opciones, consulta las instrucciones de la sección «Ayuda» de tu navegador.

Ten en cuenta que nuestra web puede no funcionar correctamente si todas las cookies están desactivadas. Si borras las cookies de tu navegador, se volverán a colocar después de tu consentimiento cuando vuelvas a visitar nuestras webs.

9. Tus derechos con respecto a los datos personales

Tienes los siguientes derechos con respecto a tus datos personales:

  • Tiene derecho a saber por qué se necesitan tus datos personales, qué sucederá con ellos y durante cuánto tiempo se conservarán.
  • Derecho de acceso: tienes derecho a acceder a tus datos personales que conocemos.
  • Derecho de rectificación: tienes derecho a completar, rectificar, borrar o bloquear tus datos personales cuando lo desees.
  • Si nos das tu consentimiento para procesar tus datos, tienes derecho a revocar dicho consentimiento y a que se eliminen tus datos personales.
  • Derecho de cesión de tus datos: tienes derecho a solicitar todos tus datos personales al responsable del tratamiento y a transferirlos íntegramente a otro responsable del tratamiento.
  • Derecho de oposición: puedes oponerte al tratamiento de tus datos. Nosotros cumplimos con esto, a menos que existan motivos justificados para el procesamiento.

Para ejercer estos derechos, por favor, contacta con nosotros. Por favor, consulta los detalles de contacto en la parte inferior de esta política de cookies. Si tienes alguna queja sobre cómo gestionamos tus datos, nos gustaría que nos la hicieras saber, pero también tienes derecho a enviar una queja a la autoridad supervisora (la autoridad de protección de datos).

10. Datos de contacto

Para preguntas y/o comentarios sobre nuestra política de cookies y esta declaración, por favor, contacta con nosotros usando los siguientes datos de contacto:

Web: https://mallafre.com
Correo electrónico: mallafre@mallafre.com
Número de teléfono: +34 977 850 084

4. Additional information RGPDUE

PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA (Additional information)
Controller of the treatmentIdentification and contact of the Person in charge of Treatment.JOSEP Mª MALLAFRÉ ROVIRA
977 85 00 84
DPD Contactdpd@mallafre.com
Purposes of treatmentDescription of the treatmentIn accordance with the “principle of limitation of purpose”, the data collected will be processed exclusively for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes and will not be further processed in a manner incompatible with said purposes.
We inform you of the existence of automated decisions, including the creation of profiles in order to improve your user experience and provide you with information, services or products appropriate to your preferences.
Conservation timeThe personal data provided will be kept as long as the commercial / commercial relationship is maintained as long as you do not request its deletion. We inform you that in accordance with the legal provision, we are obliged to keep them for tax and accounting reasons, and to make them available to a competent public entity that so requests.
LegitimationLegal basis of treatmentThe legal bases for the treatment of your data are legitimized in the collection of the same, stating if it is a legal, contractual, public interest, legitimate interest or your explicit consent requirement.
Recipients Recipients of the assignmentThe personal data collected will not be transferred or communicated to third parties except by legal obligation.
Legitimation of the assignmentThe legal bases for the treatment of your data identified in the collection thereof.
International data transfers They don’t occur.
Treatment processorsThe data may be transferred to Data Processors with access to data, with whom the obligations and responsibilities required by the RGPDUE 2016/679 are formalized and who offer sufficient guarantees.
Rights of the uninterested personsExercise of rightsThe interested party may exercise the rights that assist him, in accordance with the RGPDUE 2016/679 and which are:
  • Right to request access to personal data regarding the interested party.
  • Right to request its rectification or deletion.
  • Right to request the limitation of your treatment.
  • Right to object to the treatment.
  • Right to the portability of your data.
The interested party may exercise these rights by submitting a letter to the address of the data controller or by sending a statement to the email dpd@mallafre.com accompanied by an identification document. In the event that the interested party acts through a legal representative, he must provide the identification document and the proof of his legal representation. In the case of considering your right to the protection of violated personal data and want to know more information about this right and how to exercise it, you can contact the AEPD: http://www.aepd.es/ Tel. 901 100 099 and C / Jorge Juan, 6 - 28001 Madrid.